Repair of dents on the car

The DentGuy service center provides such a service as the removal of deep, small dents formed on the car of various models and brands. A technology is used that eliminates the need for painting. Your attention is drawn only to the most advanced and effective methods that will restore the body quickly. Consumables of impeccable quality from world manufacturers are used, a guarantee is given for services, favorable prices apply. Masters at a professional level perform straightening on the trunk, door, hood, bumper, as well as the roof. Order a PDR BMW 7 series - the effect will definitely suit you.

Repair of dents without painting is carried out using a unique technology. This way you will avoid various irregularities on the roof, hood, fenders (front and rear), various elements. All employees are distinguished by amazing skills. They use innovative equipment in their work, as well as high – tech tools-all this is considered a guarantee that they will be able to cope with the dent without damaging the factory paintwork. Interested in auto dent removal? Check out the details on the official website.

The painting process requires increased attention, because every movement must be verified. High - tech compositions allow the paint to stay on the body for a long time. When compared with straightening, this method has the following important advantages:

- you will be able to save money
- preservation of the LCP. During the removal of dents, the coating does not deform, so there is no need to repaint the area
- save time on repairs. The professionalism of the craftsmen allows you to perform repairs in just half an hour

Take advantage of the impeccable level of service with consistently high quality of work – the result will pleasantly surprise you.